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Melanie Yarger

Melanie Yarger is a professional cellist of 25 years.  She has performed internationally as a classical musician as well as in multiple genres on her electric instrument.  Melanie has shared the stage with international acts such as Andrea Bocelli and the Game of Thrones International Tour, opened for performances by John Fogerty, Seal, and Howie Mandel, to name a  few,  and recorded many international commercial spots.  As a career musician with its many blessings and obstacles, she has learned to listen to life and what it brings to her.  Through years of frustrating health issues and emotional unrest, she has realized that there is something deeply wrong with the way our culture views success.  She has learned to put The Self first to enrich The Life, to not confuse one for the other. 

Free Gift

Melanie is offering a performance discount of $100 off any solo performance. To redeem the discount go to and use the discount code UNPLUGGED20.